Thursday, May 23, 2013

New prototype in the works, news about Unity and more

It's been awhile since last update. The reason for this is mainly because of school, exams and stuff. But when I finally get some time for myself, I code on this. The idea behind the game is a space shooter, in which you control a giant spaceship, even though it may look very small on your screen. You then have a series of missions in space that has to be completed in order to win the game. However, it won't be an easy task. Enemies will try to kill you from all over the place.
As of right now, I got a small working prototype. I've got a player, one kind of stationary enemy and a basic idea for the environment of the game. More news on the game, as development progresses.

Speaking of prototypes: I have decided to temporarily discontinue development of our multiplayer shooter game. The coding began to become too advanced for me and my experience, so for now I have temporarily closed the project. I may get back to it in the future, but as of now I won't be working on it.

In other news, Unity made mobile development free! Expect mobile prototypes in the future.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Next game will be Photon Cloud enabled

Photon Cloud - Unity Plugin
As the title says, our next game will be running on Photon Cloud. This enables us to make a solid multiplayer system, and makes it easy for the players to find and connect with other players without having to exchange IP-addresses.

Why Photon Cloud?

It actually pretty simple: To make matchmaking and gameplay a seemless experience for the player. In the standard Unity Networking system, players have to exchange IP-addresses with each other in order to connect to one another. With Photon Cloud, all running server (officially knows as "rooms") are running on the servers at Photon, making it possible to create a server browser. That way the player can easily find and connect with other fellow gamers. Besides that, Photon makes it a lot easier to implement multiplayer when it comes to programming.
We also chose Photon because it is free for up to 20 active connections!

Progress on the game

At the moment, we have a fully functional matchmaking system. We have Quick Play, Browse Servers, and Create Server. A working test level with a player prototype are also working alongside with a working respawn system.
Up next will be art design, 3D models and a "gun"-system.

Please note

We are only working on this game from time to time. We are currently busy going to school, so don't expect the game to be ready in the near future. Don't even expect the game to be fully done, as it may only end up as another prototype. 

With that said, go check out Exitgames' Photon website here! They are awesome, and awesome games are already running on their servers!

Monday, January 21, 2013

New game and live streams!

As you may not have noticed, I have set up a page with live streams from both me and David. Check it out here. Guess what? DAVID IS STREAMING RIGHT NOW! He is drawing concept for A NEW GAME we are working on! So without further ado, go to the new LIVE page and watch some game development!

P.S. Information about the new game I am talking about will be published as soon as we have a working prototype up and running. As we plan to implement full multiplayer with server browser and all that, it may take some time...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Alpha V1.3 now available

It's been some time since last update because of school. But progress are made so that's a good thing! First off: SCREENSHOTS!

New walls in the level, making light more visible.

Well, it's a start...
New since last update:

  • New challenging song! It's bomb free and only lasts 28 seconds. But the bass pretty annoying...
  • Bombs are now removing either one blue or one red weight from the volume bar they hit. 
  • New game mode: Play without music and point! Many people who have played the game wanted to just fool around without any objective. It's now possible!
  • STATISTICS! When a song ends, stats are showing up! Now it's even funnier to beat your friends. Just make sure you write them down. I haven't made a local scoreboard yet.
  • Textures! Well only small part of the game has been textured. But its still pretty awesome.
  • Left and right walls are added to make more light effects.
  • The blue background visualization are moved to fit in with the walls.
Know "fails" that will be fixed in the next update:
  • If no bombs have spawned, the "Percentage of bombs destroyed" that shows up at the statistics screen will say 100%. Instead it should be removed if no bombs have spawned.


The game is now available to all Mac and Linux users! Yay!
Windows 32/64Bit (DirectX11 only):


A/D = Move left/right
W = Jump!
S = Move quick down
Arrow key UP = Spawn up weight / Remove down weight
Arrow key DOWN = Spawn down weight / Remove up weight

For fun in the "Play with no music" game mode:
NumPad 0-9 = Spawn bombs!

How to play

Instructions on how to download and unpack the game can be found here!
Instructions on gameplay can be found here!

Thank you! Peace out!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mini Jam #3 - The Overwatch

Last weekend (23/11-2012 to 25/11-2012) David Koch Gregersen and I were in Copenhagen again this time at Mini Jam #3 to make another game in 48 hours. This time, we teamed up with Kevin Jensen Petersen who made all 3D objects in the game. This time the theme of Mini Jam #3 was Anti-Computer.

Download the game !!MAC AND LINUX SUPPORT!!

Windows 32 Bit:
Windows 64 Bit:
Apple Mac:

Now that Unity 4 has been released, I am now able to port the game to Linux! You're welcome!
NOT tested on either Mac or Linux!


Move: WASD
Look around: Mouse
Take/Use: E or Left Click
Exit Game: Escape

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Working with Unity Network is hard!!!

I've paused the development on my music game to experiment with Unity Network. It's pretty hard... At the point you can connect to each other, and BAM - here comes the hard part! To spawn players and sync the right ones with the right owner!!! I will continue to develop on this, until I got a working prototype and THEN I will release it! If you know some good tutorials, PLEASE comment them below :D

P.s. Damn you David! xD